Quiet and energy-efficient cooling system for refurbished ADP office


At an ADP office in Capelle aan den IJssel, APAC replaced the existing cooling system used to cool the building with two quieter, more energy-efficient cooling machines. On top of that, we worked on the cooling systems of them various IT rooms, replacing them with sustainable, economical alternatives.


This project revolved around the cooling systems in an ADP office building with a total floor area of approx. 6,000 sq.m. of about 30 years old. The building is located on the corner of a business park between the Capelseweg and Lylantsebaan and is being fully refurbished, with its new layout and systems being adapted to its current functions and occupants’ needs and wishes.

The result

Full-building cooling system
We replaced the existing cooling system used to cool the building with 2 Super Low Noise Clas A Efficiency air-cooled cooling units with a power output of about 225kW each. As a result, ADP’s employees will not be bothered by loud noise produced by the system, whilst ADP will see its energy bills drop significantly.

For the Main Equipment Room (MER), which houses all central IT equipment, including servers, we opted for an energy-saving computer room air conditioning unit. This unit is fitted with a water-cooled condenser, but also supports so-called free cooling. The unit is connected to an air-cooled dry cooler located next to the cooling machines, outside on the roof. With free cooling, the dry cooler uses the outside air to cool the MER. By optimising all components and installing intelligent control mechanisms, the cooling system has been configured to make use of free cooling wherever possible, minimising its dependence on compression cooling, which ultimately translates to energy savings.

Apart from the MER, each floor also has its own Satellite Equipment Room (SER) with additional IT equipment, such as patch cabinets. These SERs will be equipped with a stand-alone cooling system based on a technology known as: Variable Refrigerant Flow. This system also uses outside air and consists of one outdoor unit, combined with three indoor units installed high up on the walls of the SERs, again resulting in significant energy savings.

ADP Nederland B.V.

A. de Jong Installatietechniek

Upgrade the existing cooling systems for the building and the MER/SER to a sustainable, energy-efficient cooling system.

Used equipment:
2 x Climaveneta air-cooled water cooler NX-Z /SL /CA /0714T
1x Climaveneta close control downflow unit with integrated free cooling; t-AV FC DW 026
1 x Thermokey dry cooler; WH1250.B
1 x Mitshubishi Electric City Multi Mini VRF with 3 wall-mounted air conditioning units