We provide the right climate

Continuous data availability is crucial for your business operations. And that’s only possible if the climate in your data centre or computer room is correct. APAC ensures it is.

APAC: data centre cooling specialists

APAC pools the resources of three experienced businesses in the field of data centre cooling. We know all the ins and outs of computer rooms. Data centres, MER, SER and telecommunication rooms form our daily living environment. We know which climate your equipment needs for a maximum performance and we know exactly how to create and maintain such a climate, namely with cooling systems and raised floors. We put the bar high and continue to innovate in order to further improve the quality we deliver. This is how we always maintain a technical lead, while you benefit from our unique market position.

Our approach: reliable and personal

APAC represents a reliable and personal service. Reliable, because we have more than thirty years of experience with data centre air-conditioning. We know our trade and we only use quality products of reputable brands. Personal, because we focus on your questions. First, we study your situation and then we look for smart and sustainable solutions which fit in that situation.We know your sector inside-out, which enables us to anticipate sector-specific developments in time. We have a diversely trained team. Our members of staff are happy to fully support you and to continue that support, from preparation and coordination to maintenance and service.

Our mission: to cool sustainably together with you.

We supply, install and maintain cooling systems for all computer rooms in your building. We also install raised floors for maximum air circulation. In order to achieve this, we use innovative designs. Safety and continuous data and system availability take priority. Furthermore, we fully aim for sustainability. By making smart energy savings, we contribute to a better environment and to reducing your energy bill. With our motivated team, we want to inspire and support you during the sustainability process.

Our core values: offering the customer quality

Based on our workmanship, our APAC specialists make sure that the quality of our products and services is safeguarded. We always take the wishes and possibilities of our customers into account but we don’t wait for you to tell us what to do. We take our responsibility and we will proactively approach you. We look for innovative, customised solutions, a combination that makes us unique.