Service Engineer m/f 39 hours

Our service engineers are the face of APAC Services. You will be responsible for the entire package, including commissioning, repairs, fault clearing and service & maintenance of the cooling centres of data centres, computer rooms and telecommunication sites. Service engineers also play an important role in that they are consultants for our customers. Basically you’ll be working independently but you can always ask your close team of colleagues for advice.

What do you offer

upper secondary vocational level of professional and intellectual ability, an F-gases certificate category I, SSC and driving licence B
extensive experience with climate and air-conditioning systems
preferably, you also have knowledge of electrical engineering and measurement and control engineering
you are independent and have strong communication skills
you live in the middle of the country

We offer you

an independent and varied job
an excellent salary
a well-equipped company van
a 39-hour working week
32 vacation days

What does the average working day look like?

Imagine that it’s been hot outside for a couple of days, a bit like last summer.
This is when cooling yourself down is very important.
You’re in your car with the air conditioner on, comfortably driving to work and when you arrive in Utrecht, you notice a couple of e-mails but also a number of WhatsApp messages from fellow service engineers.
All made possible by a 4G network… Where would we be without data?
At the office, you check your iPad for last-minute changes to the jobs, you have a cup of coffee with your colleagues and you share your experiences of the past couple of days. The software of that type of cooling machine is just that little bit different than expected, I replaced a compressor yesterday, I was twenty floors up in a telecommunications tower the day before that and I inspected a state-of-the-art data centre three days ago.
Time to hop into your well-equipped van to see a customer about a fault; you spoke with the site engineer after the fault was reported and now you’re trying to find out what caused it. After the necessary checks, you have an idea of where to locate the problem and one thorough inspection later you’ve found the cause. You tell the site engineer what you’ve discovered, what you’ll do, etc. After the repairs, you make sure that all of the machine and equipment settings are ready for the next period.
After completing all the administration on your iPad and asking for the work slip to be signed digitally, you check next day’s service schedule. The job is clear and you have all the necessary spare parts in your van.
Time to go home and see the customer first thing tomorrow morning!