The most suitable solution for every situation

APAC Airconditioning is the exclusive distributor of the Climaveneta IT Cooling Systems portfolio in the Netherlands. We can also offer equipment from various other suppliers. Thanks to our extensive portfolio, we can realise the most suitable cooling solution for any situation, whether it concerns a small SER or a data centre of a number of MWs. The programme also includes a wide range of heat pumps, which means reusing the residual heat from your MER or data centre is also an option we offer.

How do APAC and Climaveneta distinguish themselves in this respect?

Thanks to continuous product development, focusing on the environment and quality, Climaveneta is one of the greenest manufacturers, with a wide range of cooling machines with low-GWP cooling agents and a wide range of mono- and bivalent heat pumps. The quality of these products is beyond dispute, the mere fact that these products carry the Mitsubishi ‘diamond’ says it all. Thanks to many years of experience with cooling and heating and specialising in computer room and data centre cooling, we now have a very extensive range of indoor units, from in-row and in-rack solutions to the unique X-Coil units, achieving the most ideal combination of efficiency and life cycle costs.
All cooling machines are Eurovent-certified and part of the programme is also AHRI-certified. (global certification, which will be elaborated on during the next period)
In order to implement the combination of cold generation, residual heat reuse and cold distribution effectively, we offer an extensive package of control and monitoring systems, the Clima Pro Data Centre Optimisation system being the highlight. This highly sophisticated system makes it possible to measure and adjust set points, operational parameters, etc. at component level when generating cold.

Close-control air-conditioners

In addition to the very basic On/Off direct expansion unit (AC fans), the full package of close-control air-conditioners also comprises other models with EC fans and full DC inverter compressors or indirect free cooling. All of this is available as an air-cooled or a water-cooled model.

Close-coupled air-conditioners

A unit that is installed directly in a rack or between racks is a good solution to prevent hot spots in spaces with a high thermal load.

Cooling machines

Climaveneta’s cooling machines stand out in the market thanks to the highest possible energy efficiency, options for low-GWP cooling agents, low noise levels and smart software solutions.

Telecommunications air-conditioners

Climaventa has developed a special line of air-conditioners especially for the telecommunications sector (but also for other sectors). This 1.5 – 20 kW programme includes both monobloc and split systems.

Condensers and dry coolers

For all products in Climaveneta’s portfolio, it has developed highly specific condensers and dry coolers that can be seamlessly linked to all available types and models.

Indirect adiabatic cooling systems

Specific air-conditioning system based on indirect evaporative cooling, suitable for large data centres.

Data centre infrastructure

To complement its data centre solutions portfolio, Climaveneta offers a wide range of associated products such as raised floors, racks, containment solutions and PDUs (Power Distribution Units).

Control, monitoring and optimisation systems

From the standard Carel controllers to extensive optimisation systems, every wish can be fulfilled.

High-precision air-conditioners

Climaventa has developed a special line of air-conditioners especially for the cleanroom, instruments and archiving space sectors (but also for other sectors). This 4.2 – 17.4 kW programme includes both water-cooled and air-cooled systems.