“Residual outcoupling could actually be a standard part of a data center cooling equipment must be”

To support the energy, the Dutch Data Centers in 2017 through the DDA their heat made available (under certain conditions). How and at what rate will it be rolled out to the government in cooperation with the data center and building lots.

Peter de Bruijn: “during the (re) construction of a data center it is often easy to get a chance in the system to take out to link the heat. “With the rising temperatures in the data center, there is residual heat from an increasingly better quality generated. A simple plate heat exchanger is often enough to now or in the future to connect. This has immediately created a separation between the data center and the outside world, in other words, what happens outside the data center does not affect the reliability of the data center cooling. An additional advantage of preheating with waste heat, that where heat is extracted comes back cold water. For example, there is hot water at 30 ° C from the data center, thus, a heat pump is fed (upgraded to the heat for the user), after which the water comes back by 20 ° back to the data center. This part may no longer be cooled by the data center cooling system. This has provided an annual considerable savings.”