F-gases certificate guarantees quality

Quality is of paramount importance to APAC, which is why we hold all the necessary certificates and diplomas to offer the highest quality. For instance, we hold the business certificate for the ‘fluorinated greenhouse gases and regulated substances for cooling systems regulation’ and all our service engineers hold the ‘Category 1 F-gases certificate’.

Limited emissions

F-gases are greenhouse gases that contain fluoride. They can be released when working on cooling systems, just like ozone-depleting substances. This is why only expertly trained engineers can carry out such jobs. We make sure our employees comply with this, which means we only send out qualified service engineers to work on your system. Furthermore, we supply increasingly environmentally-friendly cooling machines. This reduces the likelihood of emission to a minimum and the energy consumption of your system stays within the standard.

Compliance with European regulation

Since April 1, 2020, there have been stricter rules for registration and maintenance of cooling installations with these substances. With the BRL100 version 2.0, the goal has shifted to prevention and the focus is increasingly on preventing leakage of F-gases. APAC is leading the way in this. The target? Working together on safety and a cleaner environment. The latest F-gas regulation officially came into effect on March 11, 2024. The tightening of the regulations accelerates the transition from synthetic refrigerants to natural refrigerants (NKM), such as propane, CO2 and ammonia. Implementation will start in 2024 and we will be kept informed about this by our trade association NVKL.

Other certificates

Apart from the F-gases certificate, APAC also holds the NVKL Climate Quality Label and the ISO-14001 certificate. All our engineers hold the SSC diploma.

The certificates can be downloaded below:

F-gases certificate
NVKL_kwaliteitslabel_2018NVKL quality label
ISO-14001 certificate