Close-control air-conditioners

The right temperature and humidity in every computer room

Close-control air conditioners continuously offer the right temperature and humidity in e.g. your computer room. We deliver a wide range of Climaveneta close-control units with a nominal capacity between 5 and 243 kW. As such, we can offer a suitable cooling solution for every room. Here is an impression of the possibilities:

  • basic: on/off direct expansion unit with AC fans
  • more efficient and more sustainable: direct expansion with EC fans, full DC inverter compressors or indirect free cooling
  • the above options are available as an air-cooled or a water-cooled model
  • highly accurate: full DC inverter with 100% modulating capacity control and hot-gas additional heating. This keeps the temperature and humidity within a bandwidth of +/- 0.3 degrees and 2% relative humidity.
  • extensive range of cold water units
  • extra efficient and silent: displacement units

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