The ideal floor for your room

The raised floors of APAC Raised Floors provide just the right circulation of air underneath your IT room. Whether that floor carries a light or a heavy load, we will adjust it in accordance with your wishes.

APAC Raised Floors: raised floor specialist

The cables and conduits in your computer room or data centre need to be accessible, but at the same time you want them out of sight. Also, IT equipment requires good air circulation for maximum cooling. APAC achieves this by supplying and installing raised floors. In the telecommunications and IT industry, we supply computer floors and secure computer rooms. Furthermore, our applications come in handy when you build a new office building or refurbish an existing one. Raised floors can be an excellent way of tackling differences in height, for instance.

Support with a personal approach

APAC has been installing raised floors for more than thirty years now. Our experienced members of staff guarantee high quality. We are personally committed and we’ll do anything to meet your wishes and needs. We use short lines of communication and we ensure you always have a single point of contact. We will support you throughout the project. For instance, we work according to a tight schedule and we provide the correct logistics and coordination. Once we have installed the floor, we are happy to maintain it as well.

A suitable floor for every situation

APAC has a suitable floor for every situation. We make sure the air underneath the floor circulates optimally. We always use removable panels so that the space underneath the floor can be accessed at all times. We also take into account the floor’s maximum load capacity. A couple of examples:

  • In the case of a light load, we support the panels with metal supports and we glue them to the subsurface for sturdiness.
  • In the case of an average load or a floor that is higher than 500 mm, we connect the metal supports with stringers for more sturdiness.
  • In the case of a heavy load, we install a C-profile frame between the metal supports and panels for even more sturdiness.
A wide range of panels

We have a wide range of panels, which can roughly be divided into two types. One is made of compressed chipboard, the other is made of calcium sulphide, enhanced with mineral fibre. The latter offers additional sturdiness to the floor and it’s also thinner. This means the panels are also suitable if the space available is smaller.

For the finish at the top of the panels, you can choose from a large range of materials such as high-pressure laminate (HPL), carpet, marble, linoleum, granite and ceramics. Most materials come in various colours or patterns. Glass panels are also an option, enabling you to present the technology underneath the floor. You can also suggest your own topping, although it will have to meet our quality requirements.

Saving energy: hot and cold corridors

In order to cool your IT room efficiently, we can separate the hot and cold airflows. We can create such cold and hot corridors by means of cubes. These and other solutions can save you a lot of energy. We will help you find a suitable solution for your server room or data centre.