Indirect adiabatic cooling systems

Flexible climate control for large data centres

Indirect adiabatic systems cool the air by evaporating water. These systems are ideal for large data centres, which is why our supplier, Climaveneta, has developed a special range, EVIS. It comprises four models with cooling capacities ranging from 80 to 320 kW. All models have full aluminium casing and come with a 20-year warranty. That one casing offers your three cooling functions. As such, the appliance will always ensure the most ideal climate for your data centre. The three functions are:

  • free cooling only
  • free cooling + adiabatic cooling
  • free cooling + adiabatic cooling + mechanical cooling

The unit itself determines which function needs to be active and when. This all-in-one unit enables you to install or expand a cooling system for your data centre fast and relatively easy. These are the benefits:

  • variable air volume and cooling capacity
  • fully aluminium casing (20-year warranty)
  • low-energy: a low pPue of 1.025
  • modular units
  • additional cooling with direct expansion or cold-water in the casing

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