The best service for your cooling system

Cooling systems keep your data centre or computer room in a good condition and APAC Services ensures those cooling systems continue to work as they should, always. That’s how we keep your head cool.

APAC Services specialises in the maintenance and renovation of cooling systems. Whether it concerns a simple air-conditioning system or a sophisticated one, we offer a service that matches your situation. Our experienced engineers are always at your service. They offer preventive maintenance, clear faults and offer innovative solutions for your particular problem.

Preventive maintenance

Cooling systems are vital if you want your computer systems to continue to perform optimally. Only then will your data be available continuously. That is why APAC doesn’t stop at supplying a cooling machine, we also make sure that it’s installed correctly, we commission it and we offer you a suitable maintenance contract as well. We carry out meticulous standard checks. Our experienced members of staff know what to look out for in order to recognise any issues early. This allows us to prevent faults and ensure that your system remains in top condition.

Clearing faults

Unfortunately, we cannot always prevent your cooling system from suffering a fault. In that case, APAC Services is again the answer. We know all the ins and outs of the various systems, including measurement and control engineering. This enables us to quickly find out the exact problem. Furthermore, we have a wide range of components in stock and can therefore replace a faulty part fast whenever necessary.

Renovation and innovation

If your cooling system is suffering from a problem that goes beyond a simple fault, APAC Services can still help you out. If you want, we will completely renovate your system. If you have a specialist problem, we will look for a specialist solution. Thanks to short lines of communication with the manufacturers, we can come up with creative innovations together. For instance, we’ve come up with smart ways to save more energy.

Customised contract

From a historical point of view in the market, maintenance is carried out on the basis of time-based maintenance, i.e. maintenance is scheduled in on a regular basis. Developments come and go fast and APAC Services is almost ready to carry out condition-based maintenance.
This considerably reduces the probability of faults, because sensors measure the need for maintenance remotely.
APAC Services is convinced that this will be the future of servicing work and we’re the partner to offer you full support in that respect.

For all brands

Regardless of your air-conditioning system, you can always contact us for service and maintenance. It doesn’t matter whether we supply the brand in question ourselves. You always have a single point of contact, also if you use systems of different brands.

Available day and night

APAC Services can be reached 24/7. We are always ready to deal with faults. We’re on-site fast and can often clear faults immediately, for instance by replacing parts. If that proves impossible, we will install a temporary hire system, enabling you to continue working immediately and without interruptions.

Certification equals security

APAC Services is a member of various certification organisations for cooling systems, such as NVKL and VCA. We are also recognised by VIANORM and certified for the ‘fluorinated greenhouse gases and regulated substances for cooling systems’ Regulation.