w-AV2 DF

This range of chilled water DUAL COIL air-conditioners with an underfloor fan section comprises seven models, with cooling capacities ranging from 47 to 182 kW. These units can be used in most computer rooms and data centres, also for high density. The models are only available as down-flow units. Depending on capacity, the models come with one to four EC PLUG FANS. Thanks to the use of a second cold-water battery, these machines are extremely suitable for larger data centres, with a view to reliability. Numerous options for communication, air distribution, humidification and additional heating can be added to these machines. For the associated cooling machines, see type Cooling Machines.

Cooling capacity 58 – 227 kW


  • Variable air and water flow

  • two-way cooled water valve standard

  • High cold-water temperatures

  • Return air temperature up to 35°C

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