This range of free-cooling TurboCor cooling machines comprises eleven models, with cooling capacities ranging from 300 to 1638 kW. These eleven models are also available in two efficiency classes, namely standard (K) and high-efficiency (CA). This range was designed specifically for maximum efficiency at the highest possible outdoor temperature. To that end, the cooling machine is fitted with a so-called PADS system, which means the supply temperature across the air heat exchangers is lowered thanks to moist evaporation. There are many other options such as EC fans, hydro modules, noise-reducing options, non-glycol version, coupling with BMS systems and soft starters.

Cooling capacity 300 Р1685 kW kW

  • Top-level efficiency

  • 24/7 reliability

  • High water discharge temperature

  • Thanks to the use of PADS, the battery stays dry

  • Magnetic layering of the centrifugal compressor

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