ClimaPro lets cooling systems work together efficiently

With the ClimaPro optimisation system made by APAC’s main supplier Climateveneta, we can get cooling systems to work together as efficiently as possible, helping data centres save a lot of energy.

Smart controls for cooling system
ClimaPro makes cooling systems more efficient and thus contributes to important social goals such as sustainable development and combating climate change. Climaveneta has tapped into all its knowledge and expertise to have this system control cooling systems so that all underlying components can work together. Sophisticated algorithms control all components for cold generation and delivery in the most efficient way possible, including the valves and pumps of the water system, which is why ClimaPro can help you save a lot of energy. We’d be happy to install this system for you so that you too can help the environment and see your energy bills shrink.

Case study: Saving energy in Amsterdam
We installed ClimaPro to help a data centre in Amsterdam boost the performance of its entire cooling system. In this specific project, water chillers generate cold for 100 CRAHs (Computer Room Air Handlers). We used ClimaPro to link the temperature settings of the cooling water to the demand for cold in the data rooms, as well as configuring the water chillers to use free cooling, using the outside air, wherever possible. This reduces the system’s dependence on compressors and helps save a lot of energy.

To find out more about ClimaPro, head to Melcohit’s website.