More economical cooling with warmer water

Cooling equipment can be made more economical by not cooling down water as much. Push your current system to the limits or make the switch to the latest super-efficient generation of cooling systems.

The data centre industry is always looking for new ways to become more energy-efficient, and one way to do this is by not cooling down water more than necessary. According to the international ASHRAE TC9.9 standard, the inlet temperature in the cold aisle can be as high as 27°, which will quickly cause temperatures in the hot aisle to reach 35 °C or higher. This always makes it possible to increase the temperature of the cooling water, and whereas standard temperatures used to be between 12 and 6°C, today’s cooling systems use water at a balmy 30-20ׄ°C. The main advantage of this approach is that, in the Netherlands, such temperatures can be achieved by cooling only with outside air for most of the year. Besides, cooling machines that have to supply less cold water having a greater cooling capacity, which allows you to effectively improve your cooling performance with a new cooling system without giving up any extra space.

Existing cooling installations: testing the limits
These high water temperatures, however, also place higher demands on cooling systems, and there is no guarantee that existing systems can handle these temperatures. You can, however, decide to push your system’s limits by raising the temperature of the return water to 25 °C. Moving from a standard temperature range of 18 – 12 ° to a temperature range of 25 – 19° will make the system considerably more efficient, almost doubling the so-called European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) from approx. 7.7 to 13.5.

Latest generation of cooling equipment: super efficient
The latest generation of IT Cooling Systems from our main supplier Climaveneta can now achieve a temperature difference of up to 11 degrees with water temperatures up to 34°, making them even more efficient still, with an ESEER of 24.3. These figures are based on cooling systems with an integrated free cooling unit, which do not require any additional control units. Dry coolers allow for even more efficient systems, though they do require considerably more control systems and more space.

More information
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