New euNetworks cooling system saves tonnes of energy

APAC has recently updated the entire cooling system of euNetworks to optimise energy consumption. By integrating chillers with free coolers and smart central controls, we managed to achieve significant savings.

Due to its outdated design, the 10-year-old cooling system used by euNetworks consumed a relatively large amount of energy, prompting the company to ask advisory firm DVTadvies to explore ways to make the various parts of the system as economical as possible.

APAC was then given the opportunity to work up the advice into a practical proposal. We submitted an offer and after a series of tough negotiations, the project was given the go-ahead.

Effective load sharing
To start with, we replaced the AC ventilators of the water-cooled computer room air conditioning units, so-called ‘CW CRAHs’, with more efficient EC ventilators, as well as installing a new control unit that automatically sets the optimal inlet temperature for the equipment in the room and actively monitors pressure levels under the floor. The CRACs are interconnected by software, which allows them to share the coaling load as effectively as possible.

Environmentally friendly refrigerant
In the second phase, we replaced the old cooling equipment with modern FX-FC-Z HFO3402 chillers from our main supplier Climaveneta, which use free cooling, based on outside air. By combining this cooling method with various other new technologies, they are incredibly efficient. On top of that, they run on HFO R1234ze, an environmentally friendly refrigerant that has a much lower impact on global warming than traditional refrigerants. With a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of only 6, these chillers even fall outside the so-called F-gases regulation for greenhouse gases containing fluorine.

Central control system
The chillers are controlled by Climaveneta’s very own ClimaPro control system, which makes sure that all euNetworks equipment is cooled as efficiently as possible, regardless of the situation. To do this, ClimaPro controls the various chillers to optimally share the load among the various CW CRAHs, with an ideal valve position of 80%. The control system actively controls the chiller pumps, choosing from three operating modes: compressor, free cooling or a combination of both. It monitors system temperatures and the flow rate of the entire system as well as the individual chillers.

With its entirely revamped cooling system, euNetworks can achieve significant energy savings, getting the company ready for the future.