Replace or upgrade old cooling systems on time

New cooling systems are considerably more economical and are less likely to fail. Make sure that you replace or upgrade yours on time!

Many data centres and computer rooms are equipped with cooling systems that can be up to 15 years old, as this market has been a hotbed of activity since 2005. Many of the machines that were installed back then are still in use today, but if you still have the same cooling system you purchased back then, we recommend considering a replacement or an upgrade! By upgrading your cooling system, you can prevent it from failing and avoid downtime for your servers and other sensitive equipment. It is also important to remember that after the statutory 10-year period has expired, some spare parts may not be as easily available as they once were, and the same applies to refrigerants that have fallen out of use.

New cooling systems are much more economical
Besides, the latest generation of cooling systems has many more advantages to offer, with the field undergoing tremendous technological progress over the past 15 years. New systems are considerably more efficient and consume a lot less energy, as well as being more highly adaptable to your specific situation. This is because they have better control systems, electronic expansion valves, new compressors, new types of heat exchange units and 2-way hydraulic modules instead of the old 3-way versions. On top of that, the refrigerants used by new cooling systems are a lot less harmful to the environment than their predecessors.

Ambient temperatures are rising
Finally, your cooling system now has to face tougher conditions than it did 15 years ago. Not only are average ambient temperatures increasing, but extreme temperatures are also becoming more and more common. All in all, it’s best to start preparing to replace or upgrade your cooling system in time, if you don’t want to find yourself in a hot mess in the future!

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