New computer floor former De Telegraaf building

APAC Raised Floors was instructed by BAM Bouw en Techniek to supply and install a raised computer floor in the former De Telegraaf building in Amsterdam.

This national monument by architect J.F. Staal, which accommodated the printing and editorial departments of De Telegraaf, is now being leased to a well-known international game builder, who considers a site in Amsterdam a determining factor for its own identity. Before the lessee moves in, the building will be refurbished. Among other things, it will have two entrances, one at Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal and one at Kalverstraat. Staff will be able to park their cars (24 spaces), scooters (30 spaces) and bikes (300 spaces) in the internal car park. There will also be a raised computer floor.

Data cables and other installations underneath the floor

Out of the total surface area of 7,300 m2, APAC Raised Floors will fit a total raised computer floor area of a staggering 5,880 m2. This enables the game builder to install all data cables and other installations underneath the floor. We will be using approximately 18,000 panels and 22,000 supports for this floor. Every week, the haulier will be transporting approximately fifty pallets. Naturally, we will be deploying a lot of manpower to get this big job done. The project is expected to be completed in September 2019.

Former De Telegraaf building, Amsterdam

BAM Bouw en techniek

Retail premises and office space

Basic principle:
Raised computer floor

Equipment used
18,000 panels and 22,000 supports for 5,880 m2 surface area.