Replacement of cold-water cooling system in Amsterdam


On the instruction of Strukton Worksphere, APAC installed a new cooling system on a rooftop for a customer in Amsterdam.


The roof accommodated two cold-water cooling systems that cooled the building’s MER (Main Equipment Room) and SER (Secondary Equipment Room). Both systems were nearing their anticipated technical lifespan, which meant operational reliability could no longer be guaranteed. They had to be replaced.

The customer was looking for a new system that can also make a significant contribution in terms of sustainability.

Our solution

The existing systems were replaced with a hybrid system with free cooling, consisting of two cooling machines and two dry coolers.
In order to be able to realise the installation of the new system without any equipment failure, emergency cooling units were set up in the MER and SER.
After these emergency units were taken into use, the cold-water cooling machines on the roof were switched off and secured electrically, the refrigerant was pumped out of the units and the units were then removed from the roof by means of a crane. The new cooling machines were then lifted onto the roof during a logistical process that was perfectly coordinated by APAC and all the necessary installation work, such as piping between the components, fittings and pipes leading inside, was carried out.

The result

Low energy use for the generation of cold air. In this case, the use of such an installation means the customer will reduce his electricity consumption by 49.3%. As no use is yet made of green power, it constitutes a CO2 reduction of 16963 k/y.


Strukton Worksphere

Cold-water system with free-cooling option

Basic principle:
Cooling for MER and SER

The customer is very happy with the time schedule and execution of this project.

Vincent Verburg, the Team Leader of the maintenance & inspections of Cold, Hot and Electronic Engineering systems Technical Team

Equipment used
LRAC 067 air-cooled water cooling machine 17 kW, LRAC 120 air-cooled water cooling machine 25 kW, Thermokey dry cooler with EC fans 17 kW, Thermokey dry cooler with EC fans 25 kW.