The best climate for your data

Businesses increasingly depend on data and IT system failures can come with a hefty price tag. APAC helps to keep your data available by maintaining the correct climate in your IT rooms.

APAC: data centre cooling specialists

Continuous data availability is crucial for your business operations. Every year, businesses in The Netherlands miss out on tens of millions of turnover due to IT system failures. You can prevent this with the right climate for your data centre or computer room. The cooling of these rooms is therefore a critical process, especially since businesses demand more and more computing power from servers and other computer systems. Maximum cooling requires specialist knowledge and experience and APAC offers you just that. We have been doing this for more than thirty years and therefore know the exact conditions in which your equipment performs best and how we can create and maintain those conditions.

Airconditioning of a reliable quality

Over the years, APAC has become the ultimate specialist in the Benelux when it comes to cooling computer rooms and data centres. We deliver the airconditioning you need and we connect all the required equipment correctly. We only use reputable brands and distinguishing products. In consultation with the manufacturers, we continue to look for better solutions.

Innovative and efficient cooling

The experience and knowledge APAC has gained are used to further improve cooling systems. Our creative solutions and smart calculations contribute to a range of innovations. For instance, we have developed a number of smart technologies in terms of both cooling and control engineering, which should save more energy and achieves efficient cooling of small computer rooms and large data centres.

Sustainability: a healthier environment, a lower bill

Data centres and computer rooms are bulk consumers of energy, which is why it’s important to use that energy optimally. That is better not just for the environment but also for your energy bill. That is why we fully aim for sustainability. Our efficient systems help to considerably lower your energy consumption. We offer the best solution for your situation, enabling you to save energy and costs. For instance, we help you to reuse the residual heat from the computer room in your building.

Customised solution: from small computer room to data centre

Whether you have a large data centre or a small computer room, cooling forms an important part of your IT budget. We can help you control the costs using innovative, customised solutions. Our APAC specialists analyse your computer room and work alongside experienced consultants and engineers. On that basis, they design a cooling concept that fits your situation perfectly. This ensures your IT equipment performs optimally and your data is continuously available.

APAC imports and supplies: