Obligation to disclose energy-saving measures for data centres

The government requires large businesses to take energy-saving measures and to notify the RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) of the steps taken by 19 July 2019 at the latest. There is a special list of approved measures for commercial data centres.
Large commercial data centres, like many other companies, have an obligation to save energy, which means that they must take all energy-saving measures that can be recouped within five years. In order to encourage companies to actually start implementing such measures, the government has now also introduced a disclosure obligation. Companies and institutions that are subject to the energy-saving obligation must report which energy-saving measures they have taken to date before 19 July 2019. A later deadlin

List of recognized Measures;

The energy-saving obligation and associated disclosure obligation apply, in principle, to companies and institutions that consume more than 50,000 kWh of electricity or more than 25,000 m3 of gas. To help them on their way, lists of recognised measures have been drawn up, with new versions published on 1 April 2019. A list of recognised energy-saving measures and a list of measures for efficient management and maintenance (DBO) are also available for commercial data centres. To comply with the disclosure obligation, companies can tick the measures taken on these lists. They can also specify alternative measures, provided these save at least as much energy as the recognised measure.