State-of-the-art testing facilities at APAC supplier Climaveneta

Climaveneta, APAC’s main supplier, recently commissioned new test facilities. This allows you to check in advance how effective the cooling equipment you ordered will be in your situation.

At APAC, we install many products from Climaveneta, a global leader in the field of climate technology renowned for its high quality. To maintain that high quality, they extensively test all devices. Developments in the fields of testing, measuring and simulating succeed each other at a rapid pace. To benefit from this, Mitsubishi Electric IT Cooling Systems, Climaveneta’s parent company, recently renewed its test facilities, even building an entirely new laboratory to test chillers.

Specially tested for your situation
These modern test facilities also have major benefits for consultants or clients, as they can be used to conduct witness tests, for example (video). This is a test that mimics the situation at the intended location, to verify whether the machine you have selected will actually meet your expectations. You could check, for example, whether it will actually work under the extreme conditions for which it was designed, such as an outside temperature of -20°C or, at the other end of the scale, +55°C. This will reveal how the system will perform in such situations be and how much noise it will produces, so that you can be sure that you’re the right machine, suited to your situation. In addition, unexpected start-up problems are kept to a minimum, thereby ensuring that the on-site installation runs smoothly.

Possible tests
The Climaveneta test facilities offer:

  • efficiency measurements at full load and partial load:
    • up to 4,800 kW;
    • from -20°C to +55°C;
  • combined IT cooling package tests (cooling machines and close control units);
  • noise tests according to ISO 3744 and ISO 9614-2;
  • operational control under difficult conditions;
  • failure tests
  • performance certification according to UNI 14511, Eurovent 6/6 and ANSI-ASHREA 2016

More information
Want to find out more information about our test service? Feel free to request the brochure or make an appointment with one of our consultants. Call +31 (0)30 241 68 50 or send an e-mail to