Proven reliability

For your business is crucial that your cooling system is reliable. APAC warrant that in our certifications. In business associations, we work continuously on quality guidelines.


APAC operates in accordance with the NVKL-supply conditions. NVKL is the Dutch Association of Enterprises in the field of Refrigeration and Air. This trade association represents 600 companies in the professional refrigeration and climate control. Companies from around the chain attached to the NVKL: suppliers, installers, consultants and educational institutions.


TVVL is committed to create a future in which technology is at the service of man and society, and where it leaves a positive footprint behind. This requires extensive collaboration between various fields. Affiliated specialists are technical advisors, installers, researchers, architects, manufacturers, suppliers, owners and operators of buildings and students.


Since July 2018, APAC has been a partner of the Dutch Datacenter Association (DDA), the trade association of data centres in the Netherlands. DDA connects prominent data centres in the Netherlands with a mission: strengthening economic growth and presenting the data centre sector to the authorities, the media and society. DDA improves education and contributes to technical standards that can be used by the data centre industry to further distinguish itself, both in the Netherlands and abroad.


APAC is affiliated with FHI, the federation of technology branches. This is a group of technology companies that are active in the Dutch market as providers of industrial electronics, building automation, industrial automation, laboratory technology and medical technology. The federation acts as network and focuses on the fields of activity corporate marketing, personalized services and advocacy for more than 800 member companies.