This range of air-cooled air-conditioners comprises twenty-two models, with cooling capacities ranging from 6 to 140 kW, all of which come with hermetic rotary or scroll compressors. Thanks to the standard electronic expansion valves, EC PLUG FANS, and suitability for a suction temperature of up to 40°C, these systems are energy-efficient and can be used in most computer rooms and data centres. All of them are available as down-flow and up-flow models, with the exception of the two largest models, which are only available as down-flow. Depending on capacity, the models have one or two separated cooling circuits with one to four compressors. Numerous options for communication, air distribution, humidification and additional heating can be added to these machines. For the associated condensers, see type BVE-DX.

Cooling capacity 6 – 149 kW kW


  • On/Off compressors (one to four compressors, distributed across a maximum of two circuits)

  • Electronic expansion valve

  • Return air temperature up to 40°C

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